Inter-CONSULTA Wirtschafts- und Personalberatungs-GmbH
Inter-CONSULTA Wirtschafts- und Personalberatungs-GmbH

Our aim is to raise recruitment to the next level and to match the perfect candidate to the key positions within your company.

Dedicated long-term employees are the key pillars and the key to success for small and medium-sized German companies. Finding candidates who really want to make a difference, who go above and beyond and who drive your business forward is essential to this. This attitude embodies the label ‘Made in Germany’, so it is therefore fundamental to fill the specialist positions within your company with these types of people to further the prosperity of your company.

Our claims are not exaggerated, and we will meet your expectations. This is shown by our commitment to our own Code of Conduct and by our pledge that we will not settle for ‘second best’ for your company – we will always keep looking for the perfect match.

We do the leg work and win the prize

Recruitment for Businesses

  • Are you seeking qualified specialists and managers who will constantly advance your company?
  • Would you like to be supported during the selection and recruiting process?

Our primary focus is on small to medium-sized businesses and the search for candidates that personally and professionally fulfil the requirements that come both with the vacancy and the company. We do this by combining an efficient and logical process with our experience in the recruitment industry. Essentially, we do all the work as we find and win the perfect candidates for your position and your business.

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Career Consultancy for Candidates

  • Are you seeking a new professional challenge?
  • Are you ready to take the next step in your professional career?

We support and guide candidates to enable them to reach their career goals. Our free advice and support continues throughout both the application and transition process. We offer:

  • thorough and independent guidance
  • experience within multiple sectors
  • an ongoing service, even after your probation period is over

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Latest Jobs

For middle-management and technical specialists, in both leadership and team roles, within the following sectors:

  • Industrial processing, sales and trade
  • Electronic, electrical engineering and automation
  • Plastics and tool technology
  • Mechanical and plant construction and engineering
  • Automotive

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Inter-Consulta versteht unsere Anforderungen und setzt diese seit vielen Jahren und in vielen Projekten präzise und in hoher Qualität und in angenehmer Zusammenarbeit um.
Ludwig Brem, KRIWAN Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
Hier stimmt die Leistung! Inter Consulta agiert offen und ehrlich. Die Personalberater geben mir das gute Gefühl, dass sie unser Unternehmen wirklich verstehen und nicht wahllos Kandidaten liefern. In den letzten 16 Jahren konnten dadurch alle Positionen gut besetzt werden. Ein einziges Mal gab es eine vorzeitige Kündigung, die aber sehr gut und nachbesetzt wurde.
Kerstin Folger, Leitung Personal/Ausbildung, KVT-Fastening GmbH
Schnelle Erfolge bei der Besetzung von Schlüsselpositionen sind uns besonders wichtig. Inter Consulta gelingt dies durch eine sehr professionelle Vorgehensweise und sie empfehlen Kandidaten nur, wenn es für beide Seiten sehr gut passt und wenn eine langfristige Perspektive dahinter steht.
Daniel Eisler, Leiter Personalmanagement, Wenzel Group

Consultancy through all processes

Selection method with guaranteed success

Realistic expectation management