Inter-CONSULTA Wirtschafts- und Personalberatungs-GmbH
Inter-CONSULTA Wirtschafts- und Personalberatungs-GmbH


INTER-CONSULTA is an owner-managed ‘Human Resources and Recruitment Agency’ in Nuremberg, Bavaria. Our dedicated and experienced team has been helping small to medium-sized companies across Germany for nearly two decades. We pride ourselves in our expertise in all areas of HR consultancy and recruitment – we search, we find, we win.

Our Philosophy

Long-term and dedicated employees serve as the ‘hidden engine’ in the mid-tier industry within Germany and guarantee the success of many of the companies within this sector. We know this and therefore dedicate our efforts to match these companies with the employees they need.
– Tobias Tiller, Managing Director, INTER-CONSULTA


Our fundamental goal is to forge longstanding partnerships with employers and employees.

  • We take the time to get to know the aspirations of both company and candidate
  • We aim to understand the innerworkings of your business
  • We look to understand candidates both professionally and personally
  • We use our knowledge of specific industries to find THE match

In short, we always use the full weight of our experience and consulting expertise to find out whether a candidate is the perfect match for a company and then ensure they will become part of your business.

A breakdown of the process can occur for numerous reasons, but we ensure that we will handle the situation professionally and successfully for both sides whatever comes our way!

Success Guarantee

We wish to ensure complete satisfaction and promise that each new employee will have a successful relationship with a new employer for at least a year. This is beneficial to both our customers and for ourselves as there is no better proof of our success than approval, even after many years!